Friday, September 26, 2014

With Grandpa being sick and all, I thought it would be fun to look up newspaper articles of him and my grandma!! is AMAZING!!! I was able to find so many. My grandma--she did a lot of golf!! I didn't realize she was so good! She would golf several times a week and was in the newspaper a lot for it. One of these articles says that Grandma went to a gathering at Mrs. Lavell Edward's house!! That's a big BYU football name and fun to see her associating with them. What an exciting time to live in Provo. That is also when my Grandpa was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.Grandpa, he was also a community businessman and was in the chamber of commerce and helped raise money to build the BYU Marriott Center. I am a proud grand-daughter! I didn't realize they did so much in the community. I love them so much and hope I can be a lot like them in many many ways! These finds are gems and the type of stuff that makes me happy:)! I find serious joy in learning about my ancestors. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandmas new Coop!!

The girls went to Kim's with Nate while I took Dallas to soccer practice. Nate took these awesome pictures. These girls love animals and had a blast with the chickens and introducing them into Kins new coop-- one that the coyotes can't get into. That turkey she is holding is going to be eaten in a few weeks:). 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


After getting news about Grandpa, that his kidneys aren't doing their job. I have thought about how lucky I am to be his grand-daughter!! I want to tell him that I'll see him again, even if its not in this life. I am so grateful that Families are Forever--through Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the temple that has the power to seal families together forever!! Love my good as gold, kind-hearted, funny, patient, loving, smart, good looking, athletic Grandpa!! Who also gave me my perfect wonderful Mother!! My favorite memories with him are skiing with him on my birthday, him making me sandwiches, and playing uno with my girls. I also remember going up to their house almost every weekend when I was single. I remember meeting up with him at the BYU games my freshman year, because he had seasoned tickets. He helped me move and helped me do my laundry when I was sick after Dallas was born. He used to say I was too skinny. He loves cranberry juice, bacon and sausage for breakfast. He used to be so funny with my Grandma. They would go back and forth. He took such good care of her. He was a great golfer and skier and loved going to coffee with his friends. He always made sure I went to church when I visited and I would go over there for conference on the weekends. He got big into recycling and gave me a few lectures about recycling, and paying my bills on time.

Girls--so proud!

I love when we get the girls pictures taken. They are getting older! So proud to be their Mama!! Nathan and I took picts of us too...Nathan had to crop mine because I had a put a check down my shirt and it was sticking out:). Families are Forever!!

Dove Hunting!! 2014 Yuma, AZ

See if you can see what Brenna is holding. Yes that is a dove head...

Aaron, Dallas, Brenna, Charlie, Gary, & Dear

Dallas shot her first dove. She wants a shotgun for her birthday:).

Saturday, September 6, 2014