Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Layla is 4

Layla is 4!! She is just so fun and growing so much! She loves bikes, horses, princesses, bow and arrow, swimming, cousins, family, dancing, pretend, my iPhone, dogs. She had a great birthday opening family and nana and grandpas presents this morning. She loved her new games, clothes, and bow and arrow. Her sisters stayed home sick with her today. Then Auntie Paula picked her up, took her to chick fila and the park. They played, rides bikes and they sang happy birthday to her and blew candle out in her shake. Grandma met her there too! Then Grandma brought us dinner and they went in the jacuzzi, had ice cream cake and to bed. A full day. We love our Layla. Her favorite sign on the wall said Layla Eileen, you are the queen. She kept saying it all day. Layla is such a happy girl !! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grandma Moses

 Grandma Moses passed away Saturday. One thing about her is that she really loved her grandkids and great-grandkids. She loved Jewel and her family. She was so amazingly good at computers and it was so fun that she could email and facebook. She could barely hear but never complained about it.  She was so tough and went through a lot. She let me call her Grandma from the time we were married and would call me her grand-daughter. She used to give the girls lettuce to feed the turtles. Who knew we would move into her house. She loved to get the girls fun toys for the pool, sleeping bags, and even got Sadie a leopard purse. She loved taking pictures of the kids and visiting. She taught the girls cribbage, black jack and always had coloring books and markers for the girls to play with, and a toy box they could go through. She remembered birthdays and liked the yearly calendar. She will be missed and remembered for being a great grandma and person. Heaven has another good one!