Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pioneer Day, 2 lost teeth, golfing with the sisters, cold stone and Dallas's smashed finger.

Summer is turning out to be adventurous. Had a blast at the aquatic center with the McCoys! The girls did about 50 diving board jumps! I will have to post videos on YouTube. Nathan went fishing last weekend in Bishop. Dallas and Brenna both lost a tooth. We partied hard at the church Pioneer Day dinner and square dancing. The girls loved the dancing. I got a good laugh at myself trying to do it! We were the last ones to leave:)! The sister missionaries, my neighbor Joanie and I went golfing on Monday! It was soo fun! I love golfing. The girls last tennis class for awhile was on Monday. Dallas smashed her finger in the door Sunday night. So sad! . I loved teaching Brenna and Sadie's class on Sunday. It was about sharing and how it makes us happy and through the week I can remind them about that lesson. Seemed to help in their quarrels. A good week! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Horses and nephews!!!

Best week with Nana and Gpa and McCoys!

We partied hard 2 weeks ago now with Nana Gpa and McCoys. We went bowling, kishi, the Hat, beach, Echo, Raging Waters, and Mt baldy ski lift! It was a blast!! We got spoiled spoiled and everyone had a great time. Nathan had the week off to do everything also with us. He was so happy to get his truck back with a brand new bumper and wench. Grandpa told amazing stories every night and bought donuts! Nana brought the kids 4th of July toys, and read library books to the kids! She won each of them a huge ball at the bowling alley vending machine! We all loved having them and just enjoy seeing them! Love and miss you!!