Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the Fire Girls!

Dallas had her first 2 practices last week and then a game on Sat. We are new to being soccer parents. But it has been so fun. Brenna gets on her gear too and kicks with the other siblings there. Her coach and his wife (asst. coach) are from Norway and have a son playing college soccer. They are so great. Only 4 kids on a team and their goals are cones. Nathan says he wants to coach her next year. They got to pick their own team name and it is "Fire Girls". They are really cute and really go after the ball. D even scored a goal, even though they don't keep score:).

Monday, August 16, 2010

A few new 1st's!!

Well--lots of new things have happened lately!!

First off~ our family went on our first camping trip! With the church and it was really fun and gorgeous campsite. We have such a great ward. Everyone is so nice, friendly & helpful. Check out the photo's on Nathan's photo site to the right to see the roasted pig! And to see his amazing Mauna Kea star pictures he took last night!

*But it was the 1st time I have ever stepped on a Sea Urchin! Everyone said that to make it better, you need somebody to "shee shee" (hawaiian for urinate) on it!! Nathan was in the water spear diving with some friends and so I just kept telling everyone that I would wait for Nathan. It was pretty ouchy though! All the spines were still stuck in my foot--not coming out! of my friend's husband DONATED his urine for me in a water bottle so I could dump it on my foot:) Ahh! It was really nice of him and it actually felt better afterward:)!! But that is something I never would have thought would happen! Anything goes when you are camping I guess!

Next~ Dallas started 1st Grade!! She has Mrs. Fox as a teacher. She is liking it but says it is a lot of boring work:)

Good news~ Somehow we talked the owners of the house we are renting to drop their rent 400$ a month! We are so happy because we were going to move to save a bit more, but not anymore! Yay. And our prayers were answered today because our house in LA got new renters in it!!

Exciting news ~ Well, our little family of 5 is going to grow to 6 as of possibly February 11th!! And according to the new test IntelliGender, It says we might be having our 1st BOY!! We will test it out with our ultrasound in a month though! I am definitely feeling different with this one, so I would have to say, I think it is too. Even though we would love another girl too:)! Thanks to Sarah for the info about that test!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favorite fruit right now

Mango & Lilikoi! So yummy. My neighbors gave me both and now I need to go find some more.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Years

August 1st was our anniversary so we went out of Friday night to a place that reminded me of "Punto Morro" in Mexico--but Hawaiian called Jameson by the Sea! It was so fun to get out and leave the kids with our fav babysitter. Then Saturday we drove up to a kid beach (the one where Brenna is buried) called Spencer's beach. I learned that Rash Guards do NOT protect from the sun. Poor Dallas was burned everywhere underneath it. On Thursday we went to the beach with friends & our babysitter/friend caught the kids like 25 starfish and a pencil urchin. They were so neat.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More picts from AL

Favorite things about trip:
Green, beautiful Dothan
Swimming every day!!
Brenna learned to swim & Sadie can get around now with a life jacket
Watching the cousins play together, Listening to CJ say mealtime prayers
Grandpa had off work for a week
Watching Sadie chase the dogs, around and point out things and say them over and over,
Kids slept in until 10 the first week due to jet lag,
Yummy yummy food: particularly hot fudge sundays, makata, Mama Rosa's salad & bread sticks with cheese, Things & wings.
Lots of movies. Loved Night & Day.
Hanging out with my family there!!!
Going flying with Bob at Headland Airport and seeing Miss Sheila
Brandon surprising us at 8 am with breakfast sandwiches
The Haynie family
Driving in Nana's new car
Going to church there and seeing friends
Shopping--Late night Old Navy bargains, TJ Max, going to the mall for the carousel and stores I haven't seen in a year!
Thanks Dad and Mom for a great trip!