Monday, December 29, 2014

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2 more days till Christmas

We heated up the jacuzzi today:)

Sadie loves washing dishes!
Dallas making toffee!
Grandma Moses

School parties

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Well, we were completely sick for about a week!! So during that time, the girls helped me decorate. Dallas and Brenna put up the tree and we put the ornaments on and Nathan helped me put some lights on the house with a crazy tall ladder. Layla found the Santa hats and loves wearing them and her Christmas robe that Grandma got her last year. Boy, the girls are getting old. Well, Dallas and Sadie and Layla were sick and I got sick. And my throat her so bad. I couldn't drink or eat. The only thing I could eat was pudding and drink water and hot chocolate:). I haven't gotten sick in forever and I actually learned something. That is why I am posting this, not to complain because so many people in our family are sick and this was nothing, compared to what Grandma Moses and Matt and lots other go are going through. But after having a high fever and my throat hurting so bad, I realized, we needed to get on some antibiotics, and then we recovered. The doctor said it was strep throat:/. I don't ever remember having it before and it was bad. But during this whole time, Brenna had been fine, not sick. But all the sudden it hit her: fever, sore throat, can't swallow. But what I was so grateful for, was that I had just went through it so I knew how to help her. I knew that the only thing that would feel good on her throat was yogurt and pudding and that any juice would burn it and even eggs, noodles and bread were too rough. I had compassion on her and helped take care of her better because I had just gone through it. 

And I realized, that we have experiences in life so we can go through the pains and sicknesses so we can better help others. I had to go through that so that I would know how to help Brenna. And then it hit me. That is how Jesus Christ's atonement works to help us. He really did suffer and go through the same pains and suffering that we are going through now. So he knows how to "succor" us, or run to help us. He knows perfectly what each of us need. And that as we go through the sickness and pain, we are becoming more like Him. 

The second thing that hit me this week when I wasn't feeling great. It is that we can know more fully how much our Heavenly Father loves us, as we come to understand and know what a true GIFT that Jesus Christ is for us.  Heavenly Father sent Him into the earth to give us an example and peace and hope, and life. What an amazing gift the Resurrection will be! What a gift PEACE is and that we can always know that Heavenly Father loves us. Because He sent His Son.

I know I really should get a journal, but this is the closest I have to it, so I wanted to write it down.