Saturday, June 13, 2015

Layla made a gun out of Legos
Marianna caverns

The never-ending trail that we got eaten up and lost on:)

3$ movies
Fun with Brandon and Alvhild
Me and the girls at the beach while Nate was in Boston. 
Brenna caught 13 fish

Sadie has had a bad cough for a month. Now Brenna has it and Layla just got sick. 

"Shoulder angel"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day to day

Sadie likes to chill in the swing after school. It was a gorgeous day!

All silly at Nates office! 
Dallas got new glasses! She can see again! 
Sadie is missing her two front teeth! 
Field day! The kindergarteners were Sooo hot so they stayed under a tree and I poured water on their heads. They are darling! 
Cards at Auntie Alvhilds! She is the best hostess ever!! We had a blast!
Brennas class! She has a fun group!
Layla loves them-- especially after they bought them hula hoops and jump ropes! 
Love them in their purple! 
Nana was helping Brenna with her math! 
Best buds:)
Layla keeping the office clean:)
This was a late night escape to the library. 
Typical dinner! 
Gpa checking out Brennas arm.