Monday, December 29, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Picts

Well, we had a nice Christmas--Christmas Eve with my sister Brooke and her family. The kids played and then they opened presents and acted out the Christmas story.  Then Christmas morning at our house. Then off to Upland for Christmas there with Nathan's family. We just got home today. 
We feel very blessed that 2 of  our Grandparents are home from the hospital after major scares--one on Christmas Eve and one the day after Christmas!!
Nathan and I were also very lucky to go out on a date to see Australia--which I LOVED!! We doubled with Nathan's brother Brian and his girlfriend Ali, who are so cute and leaving for BYU-Idaho next week. 
Sadie has been so cute. She really smiles whenever you talk to her now and she is starting to coo. So sweet. Life with 3 is way different. But it has been so nice having so much help with Nathan being on break from school. Any tricks or tips are much appreciated!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight we took these pictures of Sadie smiling! It started 2 days ago that she started smiling. And it is so fun. She is such a good baby and we are really enjoying her. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and time has flown by. 
The girls, or Dallas really, has started the countdown for Christmas. Only 2 weeks left!  We busted out their Christmas jammies from last year and made jingle bell bracelets & necklaces today.   

Monday, December 1, 2008

Best of with Nana & Grandpa

So my parents left last night. It was the best time with them here. I got so spoiled with them being here for the transition with Sadie being born! They are really amazing. Seriously, Dallas and Brenna had the time of their lives with them.  And I know we couldn't have done without them. Nana & Grandpa took them bowling, to movies, to the Natural History Museum, lots of wagon trips around the block, to the park, to church, to fix D's guitar, and to ride bikes. They made cookies, played with bubbles & play-dough, and watched Kung Foo Panda.D's favorite game is to hide in her castle tent and play 3 Little Pigs with them taking turns as the big bad wolf:). Brenna's favorite is to say "Get Me" and then they chase her forever. Or Marco Polo around the house. The girls loved their "tea parties" with popcorn and water on princess plates with my Mom. My parents woke up early everyday with the girls after a night on the "comfy" blow up bed that we have. I can't say enough about all they did. Everything in my house got fixed.  And my laundry was always done to my surprise. My Mom can't stay still. They went to the store for us countless times. My Dad got me all the meds I needed and was the master rocker for Sadie. We had a lot of laughs and made great memories. Thank you and we LOVE you and will MISS you!!