Monday, April 7, 2014

Matt is our gardener! He comes over and helps us prune, and fixes are sprinklers. He taught me how to fix two sprinklers, which I did and was thrilled. They gave us tons of fruit trees last Christmas and blueberries bushes and they are still alive! We are starting to see a little fruit on them too- an orange, lemon, an apple and blueberries! I am excited to plant a garden this week. We got some manure and now need to mix it in.

Girls are liking tennis! It was 90 degrees today. Conference was just what I needed and more! I am going to try and rededicate myself to more scripture reading and good prayers and showing more love.
We are really praying for Grandma Moses  with her cancer treatments. So hard to see her hurting! And Aunt Bobbie's wound!! And Nana's leg!! And Matts hands!