Friday, March 13, 2015

3 weeks

Sadie Lost a tooth. She was running around screaming!
Layla had a blast at this awesome park!
Nathan has been helping Dallas a lot with her math homework!!
After church one day.
Nathan has been catching lizards, snakes and frogs for the girls. They absolutely love it!
This was on Nathan's birthday. Mom was so sick and trooped it out for Makata. It was delicious!!
Crazy hair day was also Nathan's 35th birthday. We used cups!
Dr. Seuss week Mom was busting out the balloons! So awesome!!!
Brandon is the best Uncle and brought them some turtles from the lake. It would not come out of its shell.
The balloon queen with her Dr. Seuss birthday hat creations. She literally took 5 minutes to make them all! This was a hit for the girls!!
Layla got one too of course!
This was before they started school I think.
Brandon played soo much hide and seek with them and they loved every minute of it. Loved going to church with Alvhild and Brandon. It was sooo nice to have them here.
Layla loves Alvhild! They are buddies! I thought this picture was super cute!
I think this pict was while Mom and Dad were in Texas:). I walked a way for a minute and came back to this.
Nana took Layla while we unloaded the trailer into the storage unit.
Nana's birthday!! She helped us with our storage unit and drove us around Dothan. We went out to eat for dinner at Hunts. So good.