Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Primary Presentation was at church today so we got their early to set up so we had some time for pictures! The kids did such a good job in the program. Dallas had the longest part memorized! D is getting some pretty pink glasses tomorrow we are picking up. We got the call yesterday they were ready. We will have to post picts. She is so excited.
I finally saw Invictus. Such a good movie.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sadie is teething, with a cold. And when Sadie gets a cold, she also gets croup:(. After a sleepless night last night, she is a pretty happy girl today. I think with the humidifier and a dose of her inhaler tonight, she should do okay. And she needs to because...

I am going on a Relief Society (amazing church women's organization) Campout. Nathan is watching the girls and we get to go up north a few hours, have dinner, devotionals, sleep over, and then wake up and have more classes, and activities. I have never left him overnight with the girls that I can remember, so I hope it goes okay for him--and for me (I am not the best camper).

Yesterday was picture Day for Dallas at school so I took a picture of Brenna too. The girls sure love their bikes. Brenna's bike has a few issues where her chain always falls off, but she has figured out how to put it back on herself! What a big girl!

Brenna also got a very needed hair cut. I have NEVER seen her hair this straight! It didn't last long though in this humidity.

Best news yesterday: bought a Scentsy candle from my friend here who is starting to sell them. I LOVE good smelling candles and really miss the Salt City Candles. I also had fun making baby bibs yesterday

Worst news yesterday: A lawsuit from a guy who is sewing me from a fender bender 3 years ago just made it to TRIAL. They are requesting my presence in April in LA. Not fun, but on the other hand, If I have to go, I would LOVE to go visit family. I am going to start searching for cheap tickets now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

THIS BIRD FLEW INTO OUR HOUSE TODAY!! We had our garage door open and in flew this little bird straight to our kitchen sink. He kept trying to get to a window but there were screens on all of them. We had a fun time trying to get it out.

This was right before we headed to Kukio beach where Brenna and I were snorkeling and saw an EEL!! It looked like this picture but more bright green! I was spooked and kicked my fins as fast as I could until we went around a corner of a big rock. I did not tell Brenna who was already freaked after Dallas and Nathan saw a bunch of puffer fish. But we stayed for over five hours and had a great day!! Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day too!!