Friday, November 22, 2013

Birthdays and Nana and Gpa!!

Sadie loves leopard and got plenty of  it for her birthday! Look at this outfit! Can't believe she is 5!! She is a fun girl who loves to play with her horses and princesses. She loves to sing, be the boss, go to kindergarten, be with family, books, piano, going new places, coloring, her friends at school, church, daddy's truck, grandparents, cousins, and Roo, She does not like naps and don't get on her bad side:). 

Round Table pizza for dinner

Dallas turned 9!! She is loving soccer, violin, piano, reading the Fablehaven series, her new desk, family, cousins, friends, cooking, swimming. She is in 3rd grade and seems to like it. She is a great help to us and is always happy and really responsible. She does not like hot chocolate, chocolate milk or going to bed  early. 

She got to see nana and grandpa who came for her birthday dinner! She also had a soccer game, got a manicure and pedicure and a birthday breakfast! She is crazy about making these bracelets. Her and Brenna have been doing them nonstop!! 

Great having my parents here. They took us out to eat, shopping at costco, put a new battery in my car, took the girls to school everyday, went to ballet, played and watched the girls so dad and I could go to the temple. My dad told bedtime stories every night that were at least 30 minutes long, which they loved soo much. They helped with my dog (even shoveled poop). They are the best and I always cry when they leave. Soo happy they came. Wish I was more like them!!