Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dallas's new favorite thing is Dress Up. She seriously can't get enough of princess and wants us all to dance around with her and be beautiful like her:). Notice the horse even is wearing one.
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This is typical face of Brenna right here. She is so funny and is growing so fast all of the sudden. She is getting her 4th tooth and is grinding her teeth together. It seriously sounds like scratching a chalk board.
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Nate took some picts of the cousins in their Christmas dresses on Thanksgiving. We went to the Pfister's house for a great Thanksgiving. Good food, fun with the family and Dallas was so excited to celebrate her birthday again!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

You've got to see this!! Check out Dallas and Brenna and their adorable cousins as cute little Santa's Helpers. Click below.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Great Birthday

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Happy 3rd Birthday Dallas!!! It was all SMILES from these girls yesterday.

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Thankful Alphabet Continued

I am so thankful for...

F: Free anything, Freedom in our country, Flights to Alabama, Utah.
G: Gum--especially Strawberry Extra. I love it. Growing up, my Mom is notorious for always having gum in her purse, but always an ash-tray full of gum. Green Lights while driving.
H: Highlights--getting my hair highlighted so that I don't have "dishwater" colored hair or pretty much a no color or grey hair. Hairstylists that will do my hair:). Healthy kids. Home.
I: All I can think of is Ice Cream:). Help me here someone.
J: Jokes--like "What is the strongest letter in the Alphabet? P. Even Super Man can't hold it". Ha ha...Jiberish--I love hearing Brenna try to talk. Or Dallas being silly making up words.
K: Kisses, Kid movies.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thankful Alphabet

So the last 2 days, I haven't had the best luck with my car--died on me twice--and I backed into my garage:)--whole different story. Basically I have my rear light taped onto the car. Which reminds me of my old jetta. One time in college after backing into my trash cans twice, the tail fender (I think that is what it called) broke off and was hanging down by threads. My uncle helped me tape it on with black tape to hide it saving me from having to tell my parents. Ha ha. It totally worked. And then last night, these crazy people were fighting and cussing on the street for like 3 hours--in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night right outside our house. I recognized this one lady's voice. She frequently visits our alley on drunken rampages cussing at the top of her lungs in the wee hours of the morning. Fun Fun.
So..on that note, I am going to start a THANKFUL ALPHABET (of things I am thankful for and that I love) to help me get in the Thanksgiving mode:

A: Answered prayers--like this girl who helped me jump start my car yesterday afternoon at the doctor's office.
B: Blankets that are so cozy when its cold. I am so thankful for BRENNA, of course--who just got another tooth on top and is my little sweetheart, Babysitters, good Books.
C: Calorie Free Drinks--Diet Coke:), Concealer--that gets rid of the bags under my eyes, Candles--Salt City are my favorite, Chickflicks, Church.
D: Dallas--who is my smartie pants and cutie pie and who will be 3 tomorrow!! , Dark Chocolate--especially Mrs. Cavanaugh's in Utah,
E: Evans Family: (Evans is my maiden name:) so this is including all of you family who I love and wished we all lived by each other.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Isn't he good lookin!

Dallas loves the piano! And pretty much all instruments right now:). It is really funny because all she wants for her birthday (which is Friday!! She will be 3!!) is a TRUMPET! Isn't that a little different? I thought so but that is what I got her anyway.
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Tonight, the girls were being so funny. They were part delirious from no naps since church is right in the middle of the day now. (I wished I would have kept Brenna in her dress when I was taking pictures.)

This week Dallas tripped and smacked right into our tiled stairs on her nose:(. As you can see, it is still healing. This was our first trip to the doctor for trauma. Luckily, no major damage done.
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This is my sis Brooke and I on our Shopping Escape!! Super Uncle Jason took Dallas and the her cousins to the Bee Movie while we went shopping with the babies at the best mall EVER. Shopping is definitely therapy:).

Brenna was really glad the shopping day was over:).
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