Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I hope you are having a great Summer! I can't believe so much of it has already passed! So, I know these picts aren't flattering of me but, I thought they were so funny of Dallas and Brenna. By the way, the bumps on Dallas's head are better now. It is a big joke in our house about Brenna's frowny face. The other day I tripped while I was holding her and she totally came down with me and her head bumped the ground. We were walking over to the table to have dessert as a family and for 5 minutes after, she just stared me down and wouldn't even eat her treat. I felt so bad. But she loves me again now so that is good:). 
 The last picture is supposed to be of my new curtains that Nathan's Mom sewed for me and helped me put them up in my room after seeing that I had like 10 blankets in the window before (because I like the room so dark for their naps so that they don't play with each other).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy July 4th!!

4th of July was HOT in LA! We went to a downtown celebration at Fort Moore- A Pioneer Memorial that honored the 1st Independence Day celebrated in Los Angeles, built by the Mormon Battalion in 1857.  We cooled off that night swimming, eating watermelon and lots of yummy food and watching fireworks. I couldn't believe Brenna fell asleep during the fireworks. And Dallas was cheering over every single one--"That one was BEAUTIFUL" and "You can do it fireworks, Keep going!" So funny. The next day we went up into Mt. Baldy behind Upland (Nate's hometown) and let the girls play in the stream. It was so pretty there and definitely nice to get out of LA. I didn't know they had ski lifts 20 minutes from their house. I definitely want to plan a post baby ski trip next year.