Thursday, July 25, 2013

Best Lake Eufaula Picts

Pontoon + Banana Boat = Fun! Too bad Nathan wasn't there to go the 2nd time to the lake when Brandon and Alvhild were there. Missing Alabama!!! We had so much fun and did everything imaginable. Had a tough week coming back to reality here:).

Layla sporting the hat and life vest. She took a great snooze on the boat. 

The boat is almost going under:). 

They are still having fun!

This bunch had a blast on the banana. They stayed on there forever. And kept jumping off. Haynie kids are brave!

Dad looking cool.

Pretty Courtney and June Bug. 

Dallas's first time on skis!!!

She was soo happy!

Nana getting dragged by the boat while Sadie trying to knee board. 

Brenna was awesome on the knee board.