Thursday, August 28, 2014

Warms my heart

We love sister missionaries. And we stayed at this free farm for about an hour in the heat last week. But favorite quote from Brenna: mom, I'm a country girl. I don't mind the farm smell. 
Sadie started soccer and loves it! She had the biggest smile in her face-scoring 2 goals in her first scrimmage ever. Seriously warmed my heart! 

Brenna loves to come to the practices- Nathan stayed home with 2 each night and I took 2. Brenna loved to climb the trees there and do cartwheels and see friends from school. 

Layla is mad she is not in preschool. Dallas seems to like school and soccer. 

Sad night. Sadie cried and cried about Rue. I am really regretting giving her away. Feeling like worst mom ever. I had to say the longest prayer with Sadie to think of all her blessings, including getting to watch the new swan princess movie she likes, and all her favorite things to snap her out of it. It worked for a bit.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elder Nelson came to Upland

What an exciting weekend!

We went to the temple Friday night with all of Nathan's siblings and most spouses and an aunt, uncle and Gammie! It was so so great and I got to do some family names so that was great. Then, Sat night we went to Stake Conference with Elder Nelson and Elder Kacher and Sunday too!!

It was really special and I was praying that he would remember the kids and that they could shake his hand. When he got up to speak on Sunday morning, he remembered the children first and had all kids stand up and sing I am a Child of God. He sang with them and it was really touching.

Then he continued to tell us to teach them that they really are children of God and teach them about the creation, how we were created.

He said he gave us Aging--so we would not be stranded on planet earth forever (Dallas thought that was so funny)
Heavenly Father  wants us to return home to Him

He told us to teach our children about:

Jesus Christ- , the sacrament-that they are emblems of his atonement--to remember the shedding of his blood so that we will have immortality

He said regarding teaching our children: 

Take them to the temple. Let them touch the walls. Put a Picture of a temple on the wall in your home. . Make room for The Lord and His temple.

Understand what it means to be a prophet-- each dispensation has ended in apostasy. This will not end in apostasy. It will fill the entire earth.

God has always worked through imperfect people, except Christ.

Prophet Joseph Smith accomplished so much. He translated the Book of Mormon 8 pages per day-
Follow the prophet! Today, when people translate, they only translate 1 page per day. 

Teach children Importance of scriptures-
Make time for scriptures with the children.
Have them memorize your voice reading scriptures.
Do not stop bc it's too hard. Including FHE., 

Teach them the Real meanings of the priesthood restored to the earth. Other religions do not have a leader on earth today. We do.

Teach your children importance of family. Satan attacks family.
Love your spouse- Have pictures of your family on the wall.

Plague of pornagraphy. Protect the children. More damaging then Ebola. Build in them their own power to turn off , walk out. Not worthy of a child of god.

Be Obedient to the word of wisdom.
Importance of education-- spiritual responsibility. Intelligence will go with them.
Teach them to be Good citizens, honor flag, constitution,
Precious children.

Feast on the word. Disciples of Jesus Christ. By your example, you will be good missionaries. 

Those are my notes. Just thought I would put them down. The girls ran up after it was over and got to shake his hand. My prayers were answered and I know Heavenly Father heard them. What a special experience. I hope I can do those things!

First Day of School

Dallas is in 4th Grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Mattock's at Valencia!

Brenna is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Mendez. She did the happy dance when she found out what teacher she had. Brenna is really concerned about getting her homework done. She does not want to disappoint this teacher.

Sadie is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Meister. She has one friend from her last year's class, so she is happy about this. This is Sadie's year to learn to read!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dalton, Evans Reunion week!!!

What a priceless week with Grandpa and seeing 90 percent of our family. Missed Brandon and Alvhild!!! But lots went on including the best sealing I have heard. The advice that was given for marriage was amazing:
He said to the couple: 

Look at him. He can do no wrong. Look at her. She can do no wrong. 

He can't change you. You can't change him. 

You can change yourself, perfect yourself, and they will take care of you better. 

In the morning, kiss her goodbye and say  I only have eyes for you. When you come home, say I made it. I only had eyes for you. Look for the good. 

That's what I got out of it. 

Anyway, way good to have all the Evans cousins together. Great to see ally cousins and family. 

Someday, heaven will be will all our families in the same place forever. 

Ps: Brenna is a heely pro! She skated everywhere! Including the conference center!