Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 3 Girls before there are 4!!

Thinking about Valentines--since that is my official due date--here are a few of the girls LOVES.

Dallas LOVES:
riding her scooter, coloring, and more coloring, her cousins & Gma's/Gpa's, snorkeling with Dad, movies, her animals in her bed, brushing her hair:), getting her hair braided at night so it can be wavy in the morning, reading scriptures with the family, Primary, playing the wii, making up songs, jokes, eating--she is always hungry lately, weekends when she is not in school, playing with friends, making crafts.

Brenna LOVES:
dancing, making up stories about everything, playing on her leapster, coloring and learning to write words, being silly with sisters, singing, taking long baths, dressing up fancy, eggs, her pink blanket, horses & dogs, the park, watching princess movies and reading princess books, the pool & beach, getting up early, cooking with Mom, snuggling with Dad, puzzles.

Sadie LOVES:
her baby, her stroller, her purse, sunglasses, singing all the time, laughing with her sisters, juice, snuggling, my little ponies, dress up and more dress up, fancy shoes, the beach, her friends, dogs & horses, doing everything by herself (me do it!:)!), putting the soap in the dishwasher, washing her hands in the sink, kisses, talking silly, books.