Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day to day

Sadie likes to chill in the swing after school. It was a gorgeous day!

All silly at Nates office! 
Dallas got new glasses! She can see again! 
Sadie is missing her two front teeth! 
Field day! The kindergarteners were Sooo hot so they stayed under a tree and I poured water on their heads. They are darling! 
Cards at Auntie Alvhilds! She is the best hostess ever!! We had a blast!
Brennas class! She has a fun group!
Layla loves them-- especially after they bought them hula hoops and jump ropes! 
Love them in their purple! 
Nana was helping Brenna with her math! 
Best buds:)
Layla keeping the office clean:)
This was a late night escape to the library. 
Typical dinner! 
Gpa checking out Brennas arm. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Nates office. This is the front room. He has been working so hard on his up and coming practice. He has a positive attitude and never seems stressed. We are lucky to have him and grateful!! He had his first phone call yesterday which was exciting!

No hands! It was hotttt at the park today!!
A fun 6 mile ride at westgate. So pretty. A turtle was on our path. Nana was taking the lead!
Nana made these this morning. Sadie lost 2 teeth this week, learned about the true meaning of Easter at school, was happy to have "show and share" and still has a hurt foot from Spring Break, but is a little better every day. She still wears boots every day.
Layla is getting big. She loves to go down to Nana's room early in the morning to eat waffles and watch a show.
Last week at church

Brenna loves having Daisy sleep in her bed! Her and Layla take turns. She is reading fablehaven and is finally hooked on reading! She also loves her swing out front, singing to Kelly Clarkson's new Heartbeat song, and feeding Daisy. I was proud of her for making it on the 2nd lap bike riding.
Dallas lost 2 teeth last night!! She made cookies today, helped push people on the swing and is still reading a lot!
Nana and her girls! She loves them and they love her. They want to be with her constantly and love when she picks them up from school, plays golf (card game), feeds them, and just talks and listens to them chat chat chat.
Grandpa is still telling stories, gave the nicest testimony in church on Sunday and patient with our messes! He is working long hard days and still does the dishes! He leaves before we are even up. Loved this pict of Brenna and him!