Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Nathan had Wed--Friday of for the Thanksgiving!! It was great. I was most grateful to him this Thanksgiving b/c Wednesday he cleaned out the entire garage!! If only I had a before and after picture! It looks amazing.
Thursday, we had friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Nathan played football in the morning with the guys from church. It was nice day with a yummy dinner/feast!!
For Friday, we had planned to go into Waipio Valley, which we heard is the 2nd most visited spots on the island. It is gorgeous with a black sand beach at the bottom. So we had planned to take this mule drawn wagon tour. And the girls were so excited. We had been talking about it for the last two weeks. But when we drove their it was SO rainy. We all got soaked on the tour and I have to say it wasn't the smartest idea me being preggo bouncing around down this 4WD only trail 1000 feet down into the valley! But Brenna got to sit up front and hold the reins to the mules. And seeing her face made it worth it!! Last night we got some babysitters and went out to a fancy luau/fundraiser. I won a haircut! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so grateful to all be healthy again!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dallas's 6th Birthday

This top picture is from when we went to Laie Temple Open House--pre getting my hair done...The rest are some pictures from D's 6th birthday, Nov 16th! The cutest was her waking her sister's up in the morning saying," I'm 6, I'm 6!" The day before her birthday, she woke up really early and was in the play room. She had found my nice 12x12 card stock and was writing on each one in huge writing--1 more day until my birthday!! She was making 19 of them to give to each kid in her class. She was pretty sad when I crushed that dream of giving them all away. Luckily she got lots of coloring paper to draw on for her birthday. After school, she opened most of her presents and then played with them until we went out to dinner. I could kind of tell she wasn't feeling the best that night. The next day she threw up in her class room all over her new clothes and was pretty sad about it. Anyways, she is so happy to be 6 and seems older already to me! Thanks family for all the amazing packages for her!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, Sadie is two today! We are really grateful for her in our family! She is a lot of fun and makes us laugh. She gives great hugs is full of energy. She had a great day today. She loved opening birthday presents/packages and playing with all of her new fun toys! She was happy playing with them most of the day and did not want to share. She is recovering from a bad cold/croup, but pretty much better except a cough. Hard to believe last Sunday night, she was in the ER getting a shot for croup--she could not breathe at night! Overall a good day today, except Nathan now is sick:(!