Monday, May 26, 2014

I have wanted to do this for years!! It was so fun! I love that I have a huge mountain behind my house. Only 15 minutes away. I want to try and ski sometime there. Dallas says we should do that every month. It was so peaceful. They have a cool lodge at the top you can eat at. This morning we sang some American songs with the piano. I went on and discovered that I have ancestors on my moms (dalton side from Wales) and dad's side that fought in the revolutionary war! I love that I have such son amazing American heritage! So grateful for those that have made our country free. I hope we can keep it that way!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Camping and fishing

We all caught fish on Thursday- the day we went up. They had just stalked the river and we caught most of them that day. Lots of dirt, sweat, quad riding, farkle, Abby's birthday, out-housing using:/, and fun. The kids loved it. I was reassured I am a wimp and love running water. Brenna lost a tooth on the way up there. She was so excited, but had to wait till we were home for the tooth fairy to come. Matt helped the girls catch each fish and took them on quads. Kim was great at cooking great breakfast and taking the fish off the line and rehooking the line. She also saved our sanity by cleaning the girls up on sat night with heated water. We all slept in the tent but Brenna slept in the trailer with Dear and Gma. Definitely a memorable trip. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


New leech pit in front yard! My toilet works and sewage is not running over. Yay. Had a great time with Brooke and girls at the play. Layla is sick, now Brenna and Sadie. Sadie fell on her knee this weekend and now is limping:(. She has a spring concert on Thursday morning that I am looking forward to. Some of these pictures are old from Easter. Dallas is doing a biography presentation on Mia Hamm on Friday and Sat has a violin concert. I painted the garage cabinets to see if I could do my kitchen ones. Pictures to come but the jury is still out. It was tough and I was fine with just good enough:).